What Solo Ads Are And How You Can Make Money Using Solo Ads.

In this article, we’ll take a brief look at what solo ads are, why many marketers consider it to be one of the best traffic generation techniques that are available and make money using solo ads.

What Is A Solo Ad?
In essence, a solo ad is a form of advertisement that is typically sent out to a portion of an email subscriber list. Whenever you purchase a solo ad, you are basically buying targeted traffic for your affiliate links or webpage. Additionally, you can utilize solo ads as an effective way to build your list as well.

How Do Solo Ads Work?
Solo ads are an ideal tool to utilize when it comes to getting your message across to a number of targeted leads in a cost effective manner. The basic idea behind it is to locate an individual who owns a large list of subscribers who are related to your niche. For example, if you own a paelo dieting website, one way you can generate additional sales and leads, is to purchase a solo ad from an individual who owns a list of subscribers who are interested in the health and fitness niche.

How Do You Write A Solo Ad?
The process of creating and sending a solo ad is fairly simple and consists of 5 primary steps:

Step 1
Create a landing or squeeze page.

Step 2
Create the email copy that you will utilize in the email. In the email copy, ensure that you place an affiliate link or a link to your webpage. The idea here is to encourage a click.

Step 3
Locate a group of individuals that sell solo ads via forums, official solo ads provider websites or social media groups.

Step 4
Initialize tacking and shorten your link by utilizing a shortener such as (http//bit.ly)

Step 5
Contact the ad provider and book your mailing with the list owner in question.

How Make Money Using Solo Ads
Based on the fact that solo ads are essentially an email advertisement, there are multiple ways as to which you can make money using solo ads.

Create Your Own List
One of the ways you can make money using solo ads is by utilizing it to create your own list. By utilizing an email subscriber management platform such as Aweber, you can create and build your own list as to wish you can market to.

Another way you can make money using solo ads is by implementing a link within your email copy to a landing page for an affiliated product.

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