Ways to Make Money in WordPress

WordPress has grown quite popular owing to its practicability. Because of this, it suits those who need to make money using the conveniences it provides. The following are ways through which you can make money on WordPress.

Sell Themes

Selling WordPress themes is some big business, whether you personally create them or provide a marketplace for them to be sold. A number of top examples include Theme Forest, Mojo-Themes and Elegant Themes.

Sell Plugins

The premium WordPress plugin market is similarly strong. Sites such as CodeCanyon do well through dealing in quite high volume. However, even single plugin authors may do well for themselves.

Custom Design Work

You may use WordPress as a premium theme, custom design work or framework as your starting point, and then spend most of your time concentrating on the design. With several great plugins out there, you can also easily and affordably meet the functionality requirements of your clients.

Custom Development Work

Services such as CodeMyConcept.com are performing excellent job of offering great service for designers and their clients requiring custom design coded for WordPress plus other platforms. Therefore, when you are a developer without many design jobs, this is a fine way to make money on WordPress. You may do this through custom development and plugins.


You can also make money on WordPress through offering training services. Whether you select training others on how to establish and personally use WordPress or you possess a tutorial site which is dedicated to the topic, it’s a much needed service.

Content Websites

Content is the king on the web. It’s becoming increasingly clearer over the past few years that those who best know the content are opting for WordPress as their favorite platform. When you’re able to create a site on WordPress with great content, there are several tools to assist you to monetize the traffic you are getting. With several successfully monetized websites and blogs on WordPress growing each day, there’s also an emerging market for content producers for hire.

Membership Websites

This is another great way to make money on WordPress. With several membership plugins available both free and premium, the option is very attractive to website owners looking to monetize. You may add membership section to existing site, or you may launch a new one. Either way, when you offer something valuable with reasonable price point, you may establish some respectable revenue stream.


From the above observations, there are numerous ways to make money on WordPress. Whether you just need to make some little income on the side, or you want to establish a big business it’s all possible on WordPress.

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