EBay is a great platform where one can set up a business and start selling typically like in a matter of minutes. EBay lets you connect with buyers around the world, in one of the biggest electronic marketplaces that are available today.

Once you have known how to sell, then how do you figure out top selling items on eBay? The key to any business on eBay is not about having a fantastic storefront but it is the items that you sell. Just like in retail stores, you have to determine what people want so that you can entice them to buy the product from you. Given below are the top selling items on eBay:

Kitchenware: Today, everyone fancies themselves a cook after watching uncountable hours of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay or whoever their favorite celebrity chef is. Luckily, this means that there are a lot of home shoppers who are looking for the great copper cookware. This makes kitchenware to be among the top selling items on eBay.

Vintage toys: Vintage toys, especially antiques, which are in good condition usually sell well on eBay. The Beanie Babies still remain to be popular thus you will enjoy more sales on eBay by putting together a collection of toys.

Clothing and accessories: Even though numerous competitive sites have sprung up, you can still do really well on eBay by selling clothing and accessories on eBay especially sterling silver jewelry. Cowboy boots and men’s silk ties are a bit unpopular and they might serve as top selling items on eBay. Think of items which are branded and expensive at the mall.

Nonfiction books: Raid a local thrift store or the fifty cent bins at a low price because you will definitely find buyers for goofy topics and even the most obscure topics as well.

Knives: Hunting knives in particular are among the top selling items on eBay because one can find good quality knives online or second hand knives at a much cheaper price than retail. You can sell the knives all year round if you can locate good wholesalers.

Generally, stable items shall provide a good income since they shall hold their market values and people will buy them consistently over time. The trendy items that you can find in popular pages or in the eBay’s Marketplace Research shall sell for higher profits. However, you need to be conscious about their value declining over time. Plan your strategies accordingly and keep up with resources which will help along the way.