Tips On How To Sell Items On Ebay

eBay is a top eCommerce site where businesses and individuals sell or buy both second-hand and new items. It is offers one of the quickest, easiest and best platforms to make money online. The following are some great proven tips on how to sell items on eBay that will really help sell more for profit.

Encourage positive feedback

Most buyers like buying from sellers with high reputation. Beginners however have low reputation and it is not a good idea for a beginner start with highly-valued items. It is always great to start small with more affordable items that are likely to be bought even with low reputation. This is a great for anyone learning how to sell items on eBay because one can easily convert sales into positive feedback. Ensure you follow every purchase with a message requesting for feedback. This will help you have an established account which is ideal for selling expensive items.

Add photos

There are many people who list their items without adding their photos. Photos are necessary regardless of whether you are an expert or a newbie learning how to sell items on eBay. Be sure to post quality photos of your items without editing them for the product to look better. Editing photos, especially if the items have defects or marks may encourage buyers to give negative feedback which may have adverse effects on your ratings.


The final selling prices for most items don’t vary a lot. Sellers should use the advanced searching feature to check completed listings to see how similar items are doing. This is necessary when learning how to sell items on eBay since it will help you choose a price range that will not make your items very expensive or very cheap. Remember to consider the postage fee depending on the weight of the item to price accordingly. However, it is advisable to offer “free postage” because listings with this feature are usually favored by eBay.

Know your fees

You can list your items without inserting any fee. Addition of any featured services such as reserve price, more pictures, buy it now price, featured status and scheduled listings increases your fees. These features are great if your item placed in a particular niche such as auction. Moreover, sellers who list their items for a shorter time are usually given higher listings because eBay prioritize items that are ending soon.

eBay is certainly among the best websites for selling items. It is good for starters to keep in mind that it requires time and effort to sell more and become successful. So, be sure to keep the above tips on how to sell items on eBay and for real, you will find it easy and stress-free to sell your items.