The 5 Best Ad Networks

Online marketing has become a crucial tool for any business that is willing to survive in the current competitive market. There are plenty of advertising networks or what are popularly referred to as the ad networks that are there to offer technical support to the publishers. These are the advertising brokers who find the best sites for placing your advertisements.

Although there are several quality networks out there, here I’m going to discuss the top 5 best ad networks from 2014.

1. DoubleClick Ad Exchange

This is the largest and one of the best ad networks that we have today, and it is owned by Google. The best thing about it is its access to the world’s largest pool of advertisers with the highest CPM payouts. It is a real-time marketplace that works incredibly well. It’s very flexible in that publisher can set the price that they want their inventory sold at. You can run any ad size, you have the ability to not display certain ad types and you can eliminate certain sites from running ads on your site should you choose to.

2. Google AdSense

This ad network has been rated as the most accessible by many publishers of all sizes. It is very easy and quick to set up as long as you are complying with Google?s guidelines. Advertisements on this network are targeted based on the publisher?s site content, and they can be displayed as either image rich ads, text ad or both. You can also run video ads on the AdSense network.

3. Tribal Fusion

This is also a giant ad network in the online market with good CPMs of $0.60+ and high fill rates. The site accepts publishers that have at least 500,000 unique visitors per month, and this simply means that smaller publishers may not have access to it. The network has an incredible interface that enables you to filter the ad categories and advertisers according to your preference. They have the best quality of advertisers and also the best rates based on CPM allowing them to rank among the best ad networks.

4. OpenX

This network is rated as the best performing behind Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Its CPMs are among the best and can fill at 100% all over the world. All you have to do is to ensure that there is a good traffic, and you have rectified all discrepancies in your reports. With that done, then you?ll enjoy working with them.

5. Specific Media

This ad network caters US-based impressions only and generally has a 100% fill rate. They do not pay for mobile impressions and thus it is important to ensure that your target is desktop only if you are planning to work with them. One factor that makes them rank among the best ad networks is that you can negotiate for a flat CPM rate at the screening point.

These are the 5 best ad networks that you can choose to work with today. Each network is quite unique in its way, but the quality of service that they offer is top notch.