Solo Ads Arbitrage: Make Money With Solo Ads Without A List

Many professional solo ad marketers will tell you that, unless you have a large amount of capital upfront, the process of attempting to make money with solo ads won’t be financially feasible. However, you can make money with solo ads, regardless of the fact that you may not have a list.

Step 1 – Find A Quality Solo Ads Provider Who Knows How To Make Money With Solo Ads
The first thing you need to do is to find a quality solo ads provider. While this may cost a moderate amount of time and capital upfront, it pales in comparison to the thousands of dollars you would have to spend to build your own list. When it comes to finding quality solo ads providers, you can search for solo ads related groups on Facebook as well as a few marketing based forums.

Step 2 – Let the Solo Ads Provider Know Your Intentions
The next thing you want to do, is to let the provider know that you intend to give him more customers, by selling his service as your own. This is what is known as arbitrage.

Step 3 – Create Your Own Solo Ads Website
The next thing you need to do if you want to make money with solo ads without a list is to create your own solo ads provider website. When it comes to doing this, you can utilize onsite builders such as the ones that are being offered by Weebly or Godaddy. Alternatively, if you want a quality website that stands out, I highly recommend that you go to a freelance based website, utilize the services of someone who will create a 5-page website for $5 – $15.

Step 4 – Join A Variety Of Solo Ads Group
Once you have found a dependable provider and established a website. The next thing you need to do, is to join several solo ads groups on Facebook.

Step 5 – Acquire Testimonials
In the world of solo ads, testimonials equates to money. As such, if your provider is offering 100 clicks for $45, tell the groups that you subscribed to, that for a limited time, you are offering 100 clicks for $30 for a limited time only. Do this, until you acquire 3-5 testimonials

Step 6 – Establish Price Point
Once you start receiving testimonials, you need to establish a price point as to wish you will make a profit. For example, if the provider is offering 100 clicks for $45, charge 15 cents per visitor which equates to $60 or a $15 profit.

Step 7 – Redirect Buyer’s Ad Swap
Once the buyer makes a purchase and gives you their ad swap, pay your provider, and give them your buyer’s ad swap and pocket the difference. For example: buyer from Facebook purchases 100 clicks for $60 – You pay your provider $45 and give them your buyer’s, ad swap – You in turn will end up with a $15 profit.

And that Is how you make money with solo ads, without a list.