Membership Websites – The Best Way to Making Money From WordPress

The main objective of a WordPress membership website is to help you create valuable information, and compile it together in a single place. With these types of websites, making money from WordPress becomes easier. Readers find the information worth paying for. It’s worth mentioning that most membership websites offer resourceful and valuable information. Some of these websites also focus on training and coaching lessons. Here’s how to set up a membership website.

Built in WordPress Membership Website Maker – This is a free and easy way to set up your website. With this approach, making money from WordPress is very easy. It is built in to the WordPress dashboard. First of all, you need to write important and unique content in the WordPress blog. The next step is to click the ‘Edit’ tab of the ‘Posts’ menu in the dashboard.

You need to select the content you want to be part of your membership website. Now, just open the individual ‘Edit Post’ screen. You will see a ‘Publish’ widget at the top of the right sidebar. Click on ‘Visibility’ and select ‘Edit’. You will notice 3 different options. You have to choose ‘Password Protected’. Once you input your password, you will have protected content.

Once you’ve reached this stage, you will have to create a ‘web page’ with your membership website’s title. You can use this page to describe some details about the membership, offer PayPal or some other automated payment choice. You should give the password to people who have become members to your website. Soon, your income will start to come, and you will be making money from WordPress.

These Website WordPress Plugin – MemberWing is the most popular plugin. This plugin also works fine with different themes and offers excellent search engine optimized content. Just like other WordPress plugins, you can download this one from the official website and install it into your WordPress blog.

Premium Membership Website Plugin – Most Internet marketers consider this one to be the perfect choice for making money from WordPress. It is high quality and offers the best value. However, it is not free. Wishlist Membership Plugin offers a light and powerful plugin to optimize your website and set it up with high quality content.

This plugin even allows you to create high quality content in waves. For instance, if you want to create 10 lessons on your membership website in the beginning, you will just need one to attract more members. Once this has been done, automation will upgrade members to new content on the basis of their preferences, content, choice or time. There are also other plugins that you can use for making money from WordPress.