Making Money with WordPress

People are always looking for ways to make money. People nowadays are very fortunate to have on their hands a tool that can help them make money with relative ease. This tool is the Internet. If you are looking for one online resource that can help you make money on the Internet then you should take a look to WordPress. Many of the websites that are now online are powered WordPress. There are many reasons why many online entrepreneurs prefer this platform. First and foremost of which is the fact that it is very easy to use. You don’t need to be a master at coding or web design to be able to create and maintain a WordPress website. But just how exactly is making money with WordPress possible? This article shows some of the proven ways.

Affiliate marketing

The easiest making money with WordPress technique is through affiliate marketing. With this method, you don’t need to have your own product. You can sell products of other companies and make money through commissions. With WordPress, you can easily put up a blog or a website where you can place affiliate links of products and services of your own choosing. The key to making money with affiliate marketing is to find a good affiliate marketing network. Two of the most popular networks are Commission Junction and Clickbank. But these deal with digital products. Many online shops that sell physical products also have affiliate programs.


Making money with WordPress is also possible through advertising. All you need to do is to join an advertising network. One of the most popular ad networks is Google AdSense. You allow these networks to place advertisements on your website or blog in the form of text ads, banner ads or even links. When people click on these ads, you earn a commission. At first glance, it seems that making money with WordPress through advertising is not so lucrative. But can you imagine the money you will earn if you are running several WordPress websites even if each site is juts making a few hundred dollars every month?

Private ad sales

But making money with WordPress is really your goal, then you need to look into private ad sales. With this method, you sell a space on your website to advertisers. With this method you don’t have to worry about people clicking the ads because you are being paid a flat fee for the ad space.