Make Money With Amazon In One Of Many Ways Right Now

By now, the average person is aware that it’s possible to make money with Amazon. The company offers a number of options for earning a varied income through its own platforms. This includes affiliate marketing opportunities, Mechanical Turk, and even selling items through Amazon’s main website. Each platform comes with its own earning potential, but a given person should temper expectations before getting started. With enough persistence, an individual can derive a decent income here.

Selling Products on (Earning Potential: High)

Of course, third-party sellers can list their products and other items on This allows sellers to make money with Amazon by selling their new or used items. Millions of items are eligible for listing on the site, and sellers set their own prices. For some people, this can be a quick way to earn extra cash for used items sitting around the house. Others can turn themselves into merchants and sell brand new products in large quantities. Earnings will depend upon how much a person has to sell and other factors.

Performing Human Intelligence Tasks on Mechanical Turk (Earning Potential: Low)

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a microtasking platform available to residents of the United States. Microtasks are quick tasks that involve a variety of actions but require mere moments to complete. For obvious reasons, nobody will become rich off of these HITs, but it’s easy enough to earn some coffee money from the site. Earnings are paid in cash via ACH withdrawal to a qualified checking or savings account. A worker will struggle to reach minimum wage here, but a few bucks here and there can make a difference.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities (Earning Potential: Middling)

Another way to make money with Amazon involves affiliate marketing. In this scenario, an individual advertises or reviews or recommends items on his or her own website. Sticking affiliate links into those blog or website posts can lead to interested viewers purchasing that particular item. When that person follows the affiliate link and completes a purchase, the affiliate marketer receives a percentage of the item’s list price as a commission bonus. Savvy website owners can earn a decent amount here.

Other Opportunities, Each With Varied Potential

Otherwise, users will find a number of extra ways to make money with Amazon. One person might write and sell eBooks, while another could self-publish through Amazon’s publishing platform. Each opportunity comes with its own benefits and consequences, and earning potential will vary with each platform. If you want to make money with Amazon, then you’ll want to check out some of these opportunities and then decide which ones are worth pursuing.

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