Make Money Online By Buying Solo Ads

It isn’t uncommon for website owners to seek out cost effective ways to send online traffic to their websites. Well, as you may understand, the key to really making money (in any industry you are working in) is by building a good relationship with potential clients. The stronger the relationship with them is, the more likely they’re to give their money to you. That is where mailing lists come in. If you don’t possess a mailing list setup then I estimate that you’re going to be losing no less than 90% of your income. There are some real strategies to make money online, and one of the most cost effective methods for generating traffic is to buy solo ads. Well, they’re one of the best solutions out there in internet marketing.

A solo ad can be described as a one-time email blast you purchase from a vendor that has created a “list” of individuals they have collected. Simply put, some internet marketers accept payment in exchange for sending out an email you’ve written to their mailing list. To be clear, this isn’t the same thing as purchasing the mailing list itself. Solo ads don’t grant you access to email addresses. Instead, you’re allowed to compose a short message – better referred to as a swipe email – which the list owner will send to their subscribers on your behalf, with a link and recommendation to your free opt in offer squeeze page. When you buy solo ads, you essentially purchase clicks from trusted sellers.

This is the funnel:

1. Buy solo ads

2. Seller begins sending traffic (clicks, not leads) to your personal Squeeze page

3. The Squeeze Page collects these emails and then sends them to the auto responder

4. Your auto-responder sends the free-offer to users in their email inbox (or to a thank-you page)

5. After you collect the email messages you can try to monetize by re-directing the new users/traffic to a one time offer (OTO) after they opt in.

Eventually, you’re going to get a nice and steady traffic flow to your mailing list rather quickly. The wonderful thing is that these are going to be highly-targeted visitors. They will, more often than not, be prospective buyers in your niche as well. This implies that you have a prospect to make a significant sum of money from them rather quickly. Generally, the sum of money that you’re going to need to pay to buy solo ads out there is going to be quite low too. Typically at first you’ve to spend quite some money to build up your email list to a decent size – but once this gets to a certain number of subscribers (about 2500 – 3000) you can then turn round and begin selling clicks to other solo ad buyers. You need to exercise caution when you buy solo ads. You can significantly increase conversions by buying solo advertisements from sellers who have a buyer list.