Make Money from Your WordPress Blog

One of the most popular ways to make money online is by blogging. WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for any aspiring blogger as it is free and offers lots of tools and blogger support. The first step on how to make money on WordPress a blog is by first establishing the blog and building it to an authoritative site with regular readership. Once your blog is well established and with a regular audience, you can now look for ways to monetize it. Some of the best ways to make money on WordPress a blog include

Selling Products and Services

Once you blog develops an online community around it, you can begin pitching your products and services to them. Because they already trust your blog, a majority of its readers will likely buy your products or services based on you recommendations. The best way to sell your products and services online is by is developing an email list of potential clients via subscriptions and use it to market future products or services.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product or service of another company and earning a commission on any sale you make. As a blogger, you can sign up to numerous affiliate sites like Amazon & Clickbank and promote product related to your site’s content. Affiliate marketing is highly recommended to bloggers who do not have their own products or services to market

Product Reviews

Many companies usually seek out bloggers in particular fields to talk about their products and services. If your blog becomes influential and can shape opinions, you will definitely get requests form companies seeking to partner with you.

With product review, you will give an objective review of a particular product and service and finally recommend it to users. Product review as a way to make money on WordPress a blog is similar to promoted content

Paid advertisement

The best way to make money on WordPress a blog is by signing up with paid advertising networks. There are numerous paid advertising agencies like Yahoo network, chitika and Google AdSense. Once you sign up, these companies will begin displaying adverts on your blog and will give you a commission whenever someone clicks on the advert (paid per click) or how many times it is viewed (per impression). The best and recommended paid advertisement network is Google AdSense.

Even though it seems easy to make money on WordPress a blog, it requires lots of patience as growing a site’s readership and making it an authority in a particular field is not an overnight activity.