Could It Really Be Possible To Get An Online System
That Kicks Out Thousands Of Dollars
A Month In Profits...
...From A HORSE Vet  ??

Wade Byrd

Dear Friend And Fellow Freedom Seeker,

Hi, my name is Wade Byrd and I have been a horse veterinarian for over 20 years and you are about to discover a little known secret to making money online that I stumbled upon and almost nobody knows about.

In fact, the reason you don't know about it is because it's so simple you could literally teach your young children how to do it, step by step, all while you just sit back and watch the money get deposited into your accounts.

...and the people who are "in the know" don't want this secret to get out.

Now, I realize this sounds like a bunch of horse manure and you've probably heard this all before.

But just stay with me for a minute.

This is my real story about struggling for many years trying to figure out a way to have some serious financial leverage... after working the daily grind... and finally discovering a little known secret that has allowed me to leverage human behavior with some major internet retailers.

We're only at the beginning of this letter and you've already seen some big claims.  And if I were you, I'd be wondering...

Is This Just A Bunch Of Hype?

Here's the back story...

I've been a practicing horse vet for more than 20 years.  It's a bit of a love/hate relationship.  While I love most aspects of my job, I never enjoyed being tied to a leash.

Someone else telling me when I can and can't have time off, do things that I want to do.  For as long as I can recall, I've wanted "The Lifestyle."  I wanted to live anywhere in the world I wanted to, be able to travel just by making a quick phone call to my travel agent and live life on my terms...

Well, my "career path", really didn't allow that to happen.

I wanted to live on my terms.  I wanted to do what I wanted - when I wanted to.

That internal drive sent me on a quest.  I wanted to figure this whole Internet thing out.  And boy, oh's been quite a ride.

I've purchased more ebooks, home study courses and attended more workshops than I care admitting to.

I wanted to be like "them."

I wanted to HAVE IT ALL.

Most importantly, I wanted freedom.  TRUE FREEDOM.

I didn't want to punch a clock.  I wanted to create income on demand - anytime I wanted to.

In the process of trying to figure it all out, I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Something Was Left Out...

But, with everything I purchased and all the follow through that I did, I always felt like something was being left out.  I either had to have a degree in understanding computer systems to navigate whatever program I was working, I had to be a professional software coder, had to be a world-class copywriter or anything else that was missing from that program - that was supposed to get me rich.

Maybe you can relate...

I felt that with anything I was buying that was designed to help me profit from my computer - was missing something.  Often it would have this GAPING HOLES.

Was I chasing something too elusive?

Did "IT" even exist?

Was I asking too much?

I wanted it to be simple...

It needed to have all the pieces that I needed - so I could start immediately.

It needed to be viable.

And last, but not needed to be something ethical.

As I struggled to get this figured out, there were some common themes that kept appearing to me...

First of all, I realized that I wanted a residual income where money would come in over and over again for work I only had to do one time.  The fact is, nobody can achieve financial freedom by simply exchanging hours for dollars, 1 to 1.  There just aren't enough hours in a day.

The other was about creating a model that I could set up that would keep working after I set it up.  Michael Gerber wrote a book called "The E-Myth," and in that book he talks about not working "in" your business and, instead, working "on" your business.  This is a business model that you put a bunch of effort into up front and then, after it's kind of running on "automatic," you just have some minor hands-on work here and there.

Putting these two cornerstones into place is the most critical to achieving success in anything that you do.

In including each of these themes, I realized I'm really not great at managing a lot of plates in the air, so to speak, so I wanted whatever I put together to be a simple as it could be and didn't have too many moving parts.

Maybe you can relate...

If simplicity is important to you, too ...keep reading!

In looking at creating a business model for myself, I looked at a lot of different things, including: creating my own product, lead generation, network marketing, retail, owning my own horse clinic, affiliate marketing, etc.

I've done (and still do) most of those to this day.

All of these have their pros and cons.

With any of these approaches, somebody somewhere is making a lot of money doing any one of these.

The trouble is, all of these things can quickly become very complicated with a lot of different moving parts.

...especially for the newbie.

You see, with all those other approaches I considered, they all had some kind of obstacle I had to overcome.

With some I had to have my own web site and I had to learn how to drive a huge amount of traffic...which is fine, but that can be quite complicated and I'm not a computer guru.

Some require a huge upfront investment or having inventory.  Not really something that most people have the resources to partake in.

My ideal, fairy tale scenario was have an online business model where I didn't have to be technically savvy, I didn't have to learn how to drive a bunch of web traffic somewhere, required zero inventory, and had no huge upfront investment.

And that was when I stumbled upon a simple system that involved the Wal-Mart's of the Internet: and

In An INSTANT, Everything Changed

Before I share exactly how this simple profit system works, I need to share some basic facts about eBay and Amazon...

Did you know that MOST of the people who buy from do NOT use

It's true.

Amazon and eBay each have very different audiences.

And 70% of the people who visit eBay or Amazon are there specifically to make a PURCHASE.

So, imagine this: Buying something on and re-selling it on for a profit.

Even better... imagine buying it from Amazon using the eBay buyer's money...and then having Amazon ship it to the eBay buyer for you.

You never take possession of the product.  You never even purchase it - until an order takes place.

Let's dive in a bit deeper...

If You Can Do These 2 Things...You Can Succeed At This:

  1. COPY
  2. PASTE

Seriously.  You don't need to be a computer genius to do this.

And you don't even have to drop a ton of money into this! averages more than 90 million visitors a month, and averages over 70 million visitors a month.

You certainly don't need to know how to drive web traffic...they've already done that...and you can forget about needing your own web site.  It's already done for you.

Let's see how this Amazon-eBay Arbitrage system stacks up with my thoughts on being successful online...

  1. You've got to have AT LEAST 2-3 viable, consistent reliable sources of traffic.  At 70 to 90 million visitors a month (per site), you're covered.  70-90 MILLION visitors is A TON of traffic
  2. Focus on getting into profit easy and quickly.  You can set this system up in a matter of a few short hours on an evening after work.  And since it costs you nothing and you only pay seller fees when a transaction takes place, every dollar that comes in is pure profit in your pocket.
  3. Have complete clarity on your objectives.  This is a very simple "buy low, sell high" profit model… and you have absolutely nothing to risk or lose.  If you sell nothing, you lose nothing.
  4. Create a schedule and stick with it.  This one is all on you.  Because this model is so easy, you can schedule it whenever you want...10pm or just on the weekends.  It doesn't matter, but make sure you stick with a consistent schedule.
  5. Focus entirely on activities that make money.  The beauty of this model is you don't need to get a sophisticated telephone system or business cards or buy some obscure, expensive software...none of that crazy stuff to distract you and trip you into that mindset of "getting ready to get ready" like so many people fall into.  An ordinary computer with a connection to the Internet and a couple of accounts is just about all you need.

To make this system work, you literally copy the description from Amazon and paste it into the eBay listing.  Identify products to sell (using my simple, step-by-step approach), list the products and get paid.

I will take you by the hand and show you each step in this process.  It will take you less than 7 minutes to identify an item that is ideal for posting on eBay and getting it listed.

There are even certain drop-shipping companies that Amazon encourages you to use.  I've got you covered there too - I'll show you the exact companies to use and why I recommend them.

I've put together a complete system…top to bottom that walks you through the process of selecting the ideal products to sell on eBay, which categories are the best, how to get the biggest profit margins and, ultimately, how to get into profit easy and quickly.

Introducing "The CASH STACKING SYSTEM"...


Here's just some of what you get...

What would something like this be worth?

How would this easy, extra income change your life ...and how much less stress would you have?

Of course, nobody is suggesting you will become an Millionaire or pay off your mortgage next month, but you can absolutely earn a significant income, and if you spend the time this opportunity is highly lucrative.

The Key To Having More Freedom In Your Life Is Having More Time - To Do What YOU Want To Do...

You can't make more time, you'll never be able to buy more of it...


When you make more in a week than many do in a month, you'll have more time to use it as you see fit.

Just imagine how the simple areas of your life will doing more special things with family and friends, like vacations and having more nice things.

This isn't about making more's about living a better life.

How much would having this knowledge be worth to you?

Would it be worth $1,000?

Maybe $2,000?

Or even $5,000 be able to pay for itself with a few short weeks... again and again?

Well, you're not going to pay $5,000 for this incredible information.

In fact, you're not even going to pay $500...even though it is absolute worth it.

Today... You Can Have the entire "cash stacking system"
For Just ... $27.00

That's it.

Just $27.00

No monthly fees.

No hidden fees.

No shenanigans.

I genuinely want to help you become successful, so I'm going to give you a couple of extra bonuses to help ensure your success...

So, for the incredible investment of just $27 you get all this:

Here's My "Love It Or I'll Buy It Back From You"
1 Year Guarantee:

My "CASH STACKING SYSTEM" comes with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

Review it for a full 365 days.  If you're not jumping with joy at the income you're producing, let me know for a full, 100%, no questions asked refund.

If you're not happy, either am I.

I'm shouldering 100% of the risk here so you don't have to.

If you're not elated, for any reason, let me know for a prompt and courteous refund.

Money-Back Guarantee


Order NOW and you get ALL the bonuses.

You can do this.

Just read, copy and paste.

The BEST part is... if for any reason over the next 12 months you're not completely elated with "The Cash Stacking System," simply let me know for a full, prompt and courteous refund.

Get started right now!

Here's to your success,
Wade "What's Working Now" Byrd

P.S. Remember... you get the entire "Cash Stacking System" to test out for a FULL year... AND you get 3 incredible bonuses. I've made this offer a complete no-brainer  ;)

P.P.S. If you've made it this far and you still haven't taken action, then you probably have a question or two and I'll do my best to answer...



Is This A Get Rich Scheme?

Absolutely not.  The concept is simple.  You buy products for a low price on and sell them on eBay for a higher price without ever taking possession.  You're going to see how to make the most money with this model in the shortest amount of time so you don't have to go through all the trials and tribulations of trying to figure everything out for yourself.  This is a great system to make a an extra few to several hundred dollars a week in profits.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started?

You will get an eBook that's 65 pages.  There are some exercises included in the eBook.  For most people it should not take you more than 2 or 3 hours to go through the entire system, at which time you can start using it immediately.  Some who've used this same model start profiting in just a few short hours.  I've deliberately kept this short, concise and to the point - so you can put this to use and start putting money in your pocket as quickly as possible.

When Will I Start Making Money?

Honestly, I have no idea.  Everyone has a different learning curve and each person brings different experiences and abilities to the table.  I don't know you, I don't know your ability to learn, and I don't know how strong your drive is to make your tomorrow better than today.  Sadly, lots of people who purchase "The Cash Stacking System" never see a single penny because they never put it to use.

Does This REALLY Work?

Yes, it does work.  However...the catch is it only works for the people who put the system into place and use it...and a lot of people do not.  A more important question is: "Will YOU work?"

How Do I Know You're A Real Person?

Honestly, you don't.  That's why I use PayPal to securely process your order.  Because, even if you are concerned that I won't honor the 1 year guarantee, by using your credit card and PayPal you are able to submit a dispute and get your money back...although you will never need to do that because I'll process any refund promptly if I receive an email.  You can email me at and I'll respond ASAP.

What Exactly Am I Getting For $27?

You get a 65 page eBook that covers every step of a system where you can buy products on Amazon and sell them on eBay for a profit...and you can start earning profits TODAY!  I call it "The Cash Stacking System" - I've left nothing out and share the entire process with you from start to finish.

In addition, you get 3 powerful bonuses to help you put everything in to place faster.  You get immediate access once your payment is made.