Important Hints On How To Make Money With Banner Advertising

It seems that internet marketing professionals are in disagreement about the effectiveness of banner advertising. So what exactly is banner advertising? It is simply advertising banners appearing on your website. These ads usually appear on the top of your site as an interesting combination of text and graphics to get more visitors attention to click through these banners ads on your website. This could be very good source of attracting traffic for your website and can prove to very beneficial in providing leverage to your affiliate commission. Here are some important tips on how to make money with banner advertising on your site.

Sell advertising space on your site.

This is among the easier means to make money with banner advertising. The rates that you charge will be determined by the volume of traffic your site gets. You need a site with high traffic to draw in clients. If you don’t get high amounts of traffic, placing banner ads will save you the trouble of redesigning your site later.

Promote affiliate ads.

Affiliate products are products you promote for someone else and earn commission. Select products related to the theme for your website. The site gives you a code for the banner. When someone buys from your link, you earn commissions.

Sign up with a banner advertisement network.

This is another popular way to make money with banner advertising in your site. Banner networks employ a third party to place banners in assigned areas. The ad spots are sold to advertisers who pay you to show the banners. You aren’t earning based on pay -per-click but instead the space on your site. You don’t have to go through the trouble of selling the space yourself.

Strategic placing of your banner ads

You can also make money with banner advertising by placing your banner ads where they stand out and more likely draw clients. You will prefer to have them match the look of your site. Banner advertising is a good method to profit on your website.

Make your banner ads creative.

Finally to make money with banner advertising, make your banner ads creative. You need to create ads that work and the best way to do this is creating ads with graphics and text. People may actually ignore it if you only create graphic ads but when they see a prominent text link, they will click it. Make use of animated ads. Ads that likely to catch more attention are ads that move horizontally.

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