How to Start a Solo Ads Business

In the hands of a marketing expert, solo ads can generate amazing results in a short time frame. Demand for cheap ads comes as great opportunity for a home based business. To start off you need to spend some time and money into growing your subscribers list. Once you have a healthy list of subscribers, all you need to do is rent out your subscriber list to clients and send ads on their behalf.

Cheap solo ads can give new sites the initial marketing boost it requires. Although not high profile, this marketing tool works and requires less investment. Therefore, if you have a good enough list of subscribers, clients will start pouring in to get cheap ads. Cheap solo ads are often priced at $0.30 per click and can go up to $.0.50 per click. This means for every 100 clicks you can earn anything between $30 to $50.

How To Get Paid For Solo Ads?

It all boils down to this. The payment methods you offer to your clients will dictate how much money you make selling ads. Much like other online advertisements such as banner ads, there are few different ways to pay for solo ads. The payment terms should ideally be dictated by you as you are giving out your subscriber list. If the client insists on a particular payment method, feel free to calculate the possible return before committing.

Fixed Price: As the name suggest the fees of the service is not flexible. You as the marketer will have to set standard fees to send the ads to a fixed number of subscribers. To stay ahead of the competition you might need to guarantee a minimum number of clicks. This is a great payment option as it secures a set payment. However, if you promise a certain number of clicks make sure its not more than 1 to 2 percent of your total number of subscribers.

Dynamic Payment: Radically different from fixed price, the charges for pay per click or view dynamically increase with the number of clicks. This is a great payment option if you know the ads are going to generate a great result. On the flip side if the campaign fails your revenue from the campaign will also dynamically reduce. Remember only 2 to 3 percent of your total subscriber list are actually going to click the magic link. This means if you have 5000 subscribers you probably should expect a total of 100 clicks.