How to Start a Blog on WordPress Through an Easy, Step by Step Process

WordPress was started in 2003, it has grown to become one of the biggest blogging platforms known today. With more than 10 million sites, it accounts for about 45% of all websites all over the internet. With this popularity, it has gained so much power that everyone would like to use it. This is why so many people today are looking for ways on how to start a blog on WordPress. Starting a blog is an easy and straightforward process, here is a step by step guide.

Create an account with WordPress: The first step will be to create an account with WordPress. Choose a good name for your blog. This name will be part of the blog address, find something that is interesting and simple to remember. Once you create an account you will be able to log in to the account through the official website This will take you to your dashboard. With an account and a dashboard you will be through with the first step of how to start a blog on WordPress.

Edit content on your dashboard: after creating an account, you may want to start editing content within your dashboard. You can first try using a test article. Create a quick post using the New Post button available on your dashboard. You can write content about anything and add it under the ‘new post’ category.

Add tags to your content: Before posting your article, you can add tags to your post. Tags organize the way someone can search for content on your website. You can add different tags to your posts. Add these tags at your right column.

View you content site and post: you can now view your website and post, it will have the domain name that you picked when signing up and some tag lines if you had created some. Though you could be through with learning how to start a blog on WordPress, you may not like the design of your page. You may therefore want to pick a better template and not the default WordPress template.

Customize your blog: First remove the default blog post that comes with a new blog. Next, you may want to customize your blog by adding widgets. Widgets fill the sidebars of your blog. The template decides where you can have a widget.

Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to start a blog on WordPress. You can now start posting blogs to your website. Blogging could earn you a lot of money on the internet. If you have not yet started blogging, you are missing out on one interesting venture.