How to Make Money with WordPress

One of the most frequently asked question on the Internet is ‘How do I make money on my blog?’ You will be surprised to realize that the answer is easy and harder than you may think. Easy because, it requires no up-front cash, no degree or certification, and the field of blogging is wide open. It is harder because bloggers are like marathoners. A lot of handwork, determination and a lot of consistencies is required to make a decent living.

I will show you different proven ways you can be able to make money on WordPress, because as far as I have come to know it is the best blog platform you can start with.

Making Money with your WordPress blog.

We have lots of bloggers out there, but most of them do not monetize their WordPress site for one reason or another.If you are in blogging for money, then you better start selling something on your blog. If you have some other skills, then WordPress can be a good option for you. For example:

Creating and Selling Plugins.

I would like to assume that you have used WordPress if you have you definitely know that you run a WordPress blog by using Plugins. There are thousands of these plugins. This is a perfect opportunity for you to make money on WordPress if you are good with plugins. But I will become clear on this, If you want to make a living selling them then you better be smart and dedicated, because you will need big purchasing numbers and do not forget the competition is very high.

Website development and Design.

WordPress is the most widespread CMS in the world, which gives developers and websites designers a perfect marketplace to capitalize on. If you are good at developing and customizing themes, then you better be ready to commit yourself with WordPress themes. A huge number of people make money on WordPress site development. You might be required to bring your unique development skills to the equation to make decent money.

Maintenance and Support Services

If you have some WordPress development skills, then you can earn an attractive regular retainer from different clients. Your duties will be to keep the clients sites backed up to the plugins, theme, and core, carrying out some custom development work and performance optimization.A lot of People make money on WordPress support services.

Content writing.

This is another great way you can make money on WordPress-offering content writing services.There are many SEO companies looking for great content so if you can either work for them, or you can create your WordPress website or blog, write go

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