How to make money with banner ads

Banner advertising is among the oldest as well as well established marketing strategies on the internet. But how can you make money with banner ads? Read on.

Target Audience

You should target the right audience, creating a banner for them. Identify your service and product plus your target audience before displaying your banner. The banner without audience relating to it is a futile exercise. Thus, first know your target audience, their sex, and likes among others.


You should attach relevant plus most targeted keywords to the banner ad so as to increase your chances a higher ranking. Another most significant element in having a successful banner campaign, therefore helping you make money with banner ads, is attaching your banner to most targeted keyword that are relevant also to the banner and your business. With searches happening generally with keywords, the quicker your ad makes it in search engine giants such as Bing and Google, the better it’s for your business.

Inspiring copy

Exactly how well the banner ad is going to convert relies on the banner copy. With several banner ads floating in the internet, why are the users going to click on your ad? For them to do that, your copy should be inspiring. It should be compelling and catchy. Ensure the banner copy is clear, crisp, and snappy-like an excellent ad which is going to take only some little time to read plus comprehend yet is concrete enough to make your users click on it. When you need to make money with banner ads through this strategy, you need a compelling copywriter.


Banner ads is not a place you are going to have much room for fancy. When it is your banners you are talking about, you need an approach which is relatively straightforward to bring quicker results. Banners that emotionally uplift and inspire or provide positive feel to the user is going to work exceptionally well as far as generating links is concerned. You want to make money with banner ads and thus you should play with people’s emotions.

A single offer at a time

This may appear trivial but majority of companies make this error of cramming their banners with several offers. This results into a conversion that’s opposite of what they expected. You should make several multiple offers when possible, and don’t constrain your budget because of this. Well, the cafeteria theory is not going to be beneficial to you when you are trying to make money with banner ads.

Designing a great banner which passes the correct message and earns you money is not all that hard. All that you need is some bit of research and the above tips.