How to make money with banner ads

When you live in this technology era, you cannot avoid becoming a smarter money maker. The internet presents you with an array of money making ways. Are you wondering which one would be the best for you? How about make money with banner ads?

But what are banners ads?

Banners ads are the images or textual content which pop in and out of your website once in a while. Or rather, they are advertisements from other websites. When anyone, including you, clicks on the banner ads on your site you can make money.

Yes you heard it right; you can make money through advertising. I presume that your next question is, “how do I make money with banners ads?” Today is your lucky day; you get your answers right here.

What do you need to make money with banner ads?

· A website: you need it to act as your catchment area
· An advertising page: you need to have a page on your website dedicated to ads
· A considerable size of online traffic: the more online visitors you have to your site, the more you can make money with banner ads.
· Linking your site to other external websites: you need this massive network to be able to receive as many different banner ads as possible.

The preferential sources of banner ads

If you want to make money with ads, you need to have the following ads sources in sync with your website. They stock buy/sell ads and their offers will definitely appeal to you.

· Performancing ads
· Google AdSense ads
· OIO Publishing Network, etc.

How to choose the best payment scheme for the banner ads

To make money with banners ads, you have to be careful with the choices you make. Such a choice would be on what payment scheme is the best for you. There are 3 options, you can pick the best or even a combination that suits you.

· Pay per sale: this scheme only gives you money when a visitor clicks on the ad and makes an active action such purchasing the product or service. I would not recommend this scheme for you.

· Pay per click: just by the virtue of your blog visitors clicking on the banner ads, you make money. I strongly recommend you to go with this payment scheme. You will make more money.

· Pay per impression: when banner ads appear on your website, you make money out of that. If you have so many sources of ads then you make a fortune.

You see, it is that simple to make money with banner ads. Just get smart and make a fortune without lifting a finger.

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