How to make money with banner ads

Want to earn some extra income on your site? Learning how to make money with banner ads is not only quick and easy, but with the right ads in place, it is extremely easy to make money with banner ads on the side, on a site which you already operate. So, for those in search of additional revenue streams, why not rely on the site you already operate? With the right ads in place, it is possible to make money with banner ads.

How it works –
As a site publisher (on your blog or website) you make ad space available for rent. From there, advertising companies will reach out to you, trying to have their banner ad placed on your site. If you accept, you will earn per click (or as per the agreement you make with the advertiser) each time a sale or conversion is made through your site. So, to make money with banner ads it is as simple as having the right ads in place and working with reputable advertising companies to get your site visitors to click on the ads.

Advertisers –
For advertisers who want to make money by placing banner ads on different sites, you will want to generate sales. This means you need to choose a publisher site with a steady visitor base, one which is established, and one which has customers which are interested in products/services you sell. This ensures there is already an audience and individuals who are interested so will click on the banner. Once your ads are placed, earning revenue is simply a matter of having site visitors click on the ads and click the purchase link.

Publishers –
As a publisher trying to make money with banner ads, you need to choose the right advertising to place on your site. Only rent space to advertisers who are reputable, have attractive ads, and sell products/services which are related to what you sell on your site. If you innundate your site visitors with junk or spam, you can turn them away. Rather, choose advertising which is similar to product lines you offer, to ensure site visitors are interested in the product line.

It is possible to make money with the right ads in place, both for advertisers and publishers. Finding the common ground, the right audience, and right placement space, can result in great earning potential for both sides of the transaction, and offers site visitors one additional product/service to find on the publisher’s site.

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