How to Make Money with a WordPress Blog

There is not a single blogger alive who has not entertained the thought of making money through their writing’s. However, for some time, many opted to type away for fun and passion as they paid their bills with a regular job, considered to be a norm. In the recent times however, many bloggers are looking to monetize their sites – let passion pay the bills for a change. The question that still remains in the heads of many, especially those making an entrance in the recent past is how to make money with a WordPress blog. Well, the good news is that it is possible to make money from your WordPress blog, so long as you have great content. This will however require some commitment and some little bit of hard work from you to produce the quality content. That said; let us move to some tips and ways on to how to make money with a WordPress blog.

Affiliate marketing

It is not only a fantastic way to make money, but also one of the most popular ways known to yield good returns. An affiliate site takes up the task of promoting the services and products the particular brand you are affiliated with. Different companies pay differently either by commission or by a certain constant percentage.

Pay per click

This is yet another answer to how to make money with a Word Press blog. With this particular method, earning some cash is easy. Each and every instance a visitor to your site clicks on an ad that you have on, you get a commission. Ads can be added pretty much to anywhere around the site such as the footers, headers, pop-up, side bar widgets and in-text links. But while the possibilities are endless you should employ a specific strategy to place your ad.


How to make money with a wordpress blog? Not very many people realize the goldmine they are sitting on when they overlook the use of plugins in their blogs. And not just any plugins, but the right ones. With plugins, you can make money from Amazon. To pick the best, concentrate on only the great plugins, the ones that have already been tried and tested i.e. have many downloads and people are satisfied with their performance.

How to make money with a WordPress blog: Making money with your WordPress blog, should not be rocket science just as long as you build up a community that is great, and do a wonderful job promoting the different offers available and creating outstanding content.