How To Make Money Using WordPress To Attract People To You

Since a lot of people want to know how to make money on WordPress, we are going to write a short article about this interesting yet important topic.

How To Make Money On WordPress

Buy Expired Domain and Hosting

You need to buy an expired domain with a PR3. A great site to start getting expired domains is Once you buy the domain, get the hosting for a whole year at In addition, look for some GoDaddy coupons to get “.com” domains for around $3. So, go to Google and type in “GoDaddy coupons” and that`s it. Expired domain are great to start getting traffic from search engines as soon as possible, as they have some authority that will allow you to bypass many regulations that search engines have these days.

Fiverr, iWriter,

Go to and purchase an order for a WordPress blog design. They just charge $5 for a beautiful WordPress blog installation, so you do not worry about anything. Purchase an order for keyword research at Fiverr. These keywords will be used to get to ranking in search engines such as Google. Head over to and purchase 10 articles from Premium writers. allows you to post these articles to your WordPress blog automatically, so the whole process is rather straightforward.

Get a subscription at and learn as much as you can about SEO. You will use this information to write your own posts for your WordPress blogs on a regular basis. Write at least 5 posts per day to make search engines happy.

Backlinks and Flippa also offers you the option of buying backlinks for your WordPress posts. So you have to buy as many backlinks as you can for your posts from In addition, use social media to start building even more backlinks for your posts, and they will amount to thousands over time if you keep on working hard. Patience is a virtue, and you need to develop a lot of patience here. Once you have 3 months of Google AdSense earnings, you can sell the blog at Flippa.

We have talked about how to make money on WordPress, and the first thing you need to do is buying an expired domain as Google will send you even more traffic if you do it. However, you need to follow the foregoing tips in order to get the most out of your expired domain in the long run.