How To Make Money Selling On Amazon

One of the most challenging aspects of running an online business is attracting buyers. But by selling on Amazon this problem is largely mitigated. Sellers on Amazon have access to millions of customers most of whom have already provided the credit card details. It will look at two ways of how to make money selling on Amazon.

#1 Selling Kindle Books

Selling Kindle books has become one of the most popular ways of how to make money selling on Amazon. Kindle allows people to self publish digital books to Amazon’s millions of booklovers. One of the best things about selling Kindle books is a large profit margins which are available. Because there are essentially no shipping or production costs Kindle Sellers can receive up to 70% of the e-book cover price. In order to be successful with a Kindle books you need to have a combination of a well written book, compelling headline and images and good reviews. To get exposure of your Kindle book you you can promote using one of the e-book promotional platforms. These include GoodReads and Bookbub. You can also use Amazon’s own promotional tools including Kindle Countdown deals.

#2 Becoming an Amazon associate

Another way of how to make money selling on Amazon is to become an Amazon associate. An Amazon associate is someone who recommends products on Amazon in exchange for a commission. When you become an Amazon associate you will be given access to your own Amazon associate dashboard. He can find affiliate links which you can place on your website. When someone clicks through these links you will be provided with commission for the sale. One of the best things about being Amazon associate is that you will receive commissions not only for the product that you refer to any other sale that occurs in the next 24 hours.

There are many different ways of how to make money selling on Amazon. Here we are touched on just two of the ways of how to make money selling on Amazon. But you can also make money selling physical e-book’s through Createspace, becoming an Amazon seller in the marketplace, or completing services for Amazon mTurk. There really is a huge amount of opportunity for online entrepreneurs just within the Amazon ecosphere.