How to Make Money Selling On Amazon

With companies downsizing and layoffs on the rise, individuals are looking for alternative ways to make money. Even if you have a good paying job, sometimes it is necessary to supplement your income due to the ever increasing cost of living expenses. As a result, making money online has become more appealing with the ability to sell both new and used merchandise at popular sites like eBay and Amazon. One thing that makes Amazon an attractive option for selling products is the fact that the Amazon name is widely trusted and their customer base is huge. So perhaps it is time you learn how to make money selling on Amazon.

Open an Account

This is the most obvious step and a simple one to carry out. Opening up an account is quite easy and is free of charge. You can sell as an individual or a business. Individuals will pay selling and shipping fees when the merchandise sells. Alternatively, businesses are required to pay monthly, selling and shipping fees, so be sure and pick the option that is right for you when you sign up. If you make a mistake you can always change the seller type once logged into your account. Click Here: Learn How to Make Money Selling on Amazon.

Enter the Back Office

Now that you have completed the signup process it is time to login and add your bank account information. Be sure that you enter the correct information here as this is how you pay for selling and shipping fees and most importantly how you will get paid. So as you can see, anyone can learn how to make money selling on Amazon as the entire process from A-Z is simple.

Add Your Inventory

Jump over to the inventory page and add all of the products you wish to sell. You can bulk import products if you are comfortable doing that, however, if you created an individual seller account you may want to add products one at a time to get used to how the system works. Adding products one at a time has a unique feature in that you can often get pricing information for the product you are selling. This is handy if you are selling used products and aren’t sure what price to sell them for. Now you can see how to make money selling on Amazon.
Time to Relax

Now that you’ve added inventory you can relax, but not too much. Buyers want quick answers to questions. Also ship products in the time specified to create happy customers. Oh, and accurately describe the products you are selling. For example don’t mark used products as new unless you want negative feedback. This is how to make money selling on Amazon.


Create an account, add bank information, and add inventory, then take care of your customers and that is How to Make Money Selling on Amazon.

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