How to Make an Advertising Banner

Banner ads are basically internet billboards. They come in varying sizes and placement on the various web pages. Basically a banner Ad is usually a simple attractive piece of code designed to attract internet users.

How to make an advertising banner

There are various tips that anyone that intend to learn how to make an advertising banner can use. Some of the most popular tips include;

1 Making a Decision on where the Banner Ad will be placed

This is the first thing that anyone that is intends to learn how to make an advertising banner must know and decide. In the event that you intend to place it along the right or left navigation, it is likely that you will need a banner that has got a narrow width but with a larger height.

2 Determine the dimensions of the banner

Banner ads are normally measured in pixels though they come in varying sizes and for different page placements. The average sizes is the leader board banner which measures 728 x 90, its usually displayed at the top of a web page, there is the skyscraper which measures 120 x 600 and the square pop-up which measures 250 x 250.

3 Choose a website that will provide you with free ad banner creation.

This is key when learning how to make an advertising banner. You can for example choose My Banner Maker, this has a setup that is easy to use for designing banner ads while at the same time displaying your changes. There is also the 123 Banner, this allows one to design banners with some flash animations.

4 Ensure your banner template is in line with desired sizes and fits your website needs.

The banner you place on your website, determines the template type you choose. Eg. Leader board banners usually appear at the bottom or top of a website while Skyscraper appears on the right or the left of the content section of your website.

5 Pick the right color for your banner background.

Bright colors attract attention; however, extreme bright as well as obnoxious colors irritate users.

6 Choose the perfect text and fonts to the banner ad.

Fonts can be just as annoying as colors to users, therefore try several fonts and pick the one the looks most appropriate for the users.

7 Add a border width to your banner ad.

Get a width that matches your requirements.

8 Add special effects to the banner ad,

Try something that makes the text stand out something like a; blinking text, glitter, a reverse image or a blurred look.

Having learnt how to make an advertising banner we can conclude that its easy to make banner ads especially when using common image formats as well as image editing software. Banner as are rated as one of the easiest ways to communicate.