How to Earn Significant Proceeds From Your WordPress Website

WordPress is widely acknowledged as the best blogging platform and especially due to its open nature which allows third party developer to create custom plug-ins and themes. If you have a blog on it or you are planning to create one on it, there are several ways through which you can squeeze some extra money as you blog away. Actually, some people create and maintain WordPress blogs for the sole purpose of making money. Below are some prolific methods through which you can turn your WordPress blog into a worthwhile investment.

How to make money on WordPress

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a flair for advertising and driving sales, affiliate marketing would be the most lucrative channel for earning on WordPress. It involves creating compelling content which relates to products in a particular niche and then linking out with a merchant website which sells them. It then follows that you get commission for each product whose sale is inspired by the content on your blog. A good example of a merchant website which accepts affiliates is Amazon. Alternatively, you might want to sign up with affiliate networks like Commission Junction or ClickBank.

Sell advertisement space

If your blog receives a lot of traffic, then you can make money by selling advertisement space. Normally, this will involve reaching out to a business whose niche is related to your content and convincing them to advertise their products on your site. There are several plug-ins which have been developed to make ad space selling a little bit easier for people with WordPress websites; with these, you will be connected to ad marketplaces which suggest your website to advertisers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is somewhat synonymous with Google AdSense although there are alternative services like Adversal and Chitika. All you need to do is sign up with any of the services, incorporate the code snippet assigned to you in your website and wait for the cash to flow in. However, you have to note that success with this technique also depends on how much traffic your website gets since you get paid for every click on an advert be it a link, a banner or an image.

Sell your own products on the WordPress website

Some plug-ins designed for WordPress will allow you to create a functional shopping cart on your website through which you can sell you own products. For instance, if you are good at developing themes, plug-ins and other downloadable digital products, you can attract people to the website and then convince them to make conversions. This channel however may be better suited for the seasoned blogger or Internet Marketer.