How To Buy Solo Ads Step By Step

Buying and selling solo ads can be a highly lucrative business. However, many people who are new to solo ads are unsure exactly how to buy solo ads. Here we will look at how to buy solo ads step by step.

Step One: Writing The Ad

The first step is write your solo ad. Your solar ad will be composed of four different parts. This includes the subject line, body content, call to action and offer. It is very important you write compelling subject line as this will determine whether people will want to open your email. It won’t matter how effective your offer is if they never even open your email.

Step Two: Setting Up Your Landing Page

The next step in how to sell solo ads is to set up the landing page. Generally your landing page will provide something of value (such as a free report) in exchange for the visitors email address. After they have provided their email address it is a good idea to redirect them to an offer for a paid product. Some percentage of the people who click through may take up your paid offer.

Step Three: Find Solo Ad Sellers

You need to find sellers which have an email list and selling solo ads. On Internet marketing forums such as WarriorForum and DigitalPoint you can find these solo ad sellers. You can also find solo at sellers on directories such as Soloaddirectory and Safe-Swaps. Don’t forget to check the feedback that has been received about the solar ad sellers before buying.

Step Four: Arranging The Terms

Usually the seller will have a set number price per click. So for example they may charge $.30 per click. This means if they send you 100 clicks then you will be charged $30. Once you have agreed to the terms of the solo ad you provide them with the solo ad for them to send to the email list. Don’t forget to track how your ad performs so that you are sure that you have received the guaranteed number of clicks.

Solo ads can enable you to built a list very quickly and relatively inexpensively. Now you know how to buy solo ads, you simply need to start buying and testing to find the best quality solo ads in your market.