How To Buy Cheap Solo Ads

Solo ads have become one of the most popular ways to generate leads and build an email marketing list. Here we will look at how you can find cheap solo ads, without having to sacrifice on quality.

What are solo ads?

A solo ad involves advertising using another person’s email list. When you purchase a solo ad from a list owner they guarantee a set amount of “clicks” as a result of sending your email to the list. For example they might guarantee 100 clicks at a price of $.30 per click. This means that all cost you $30 for those clicks.

We to buy cheap solo ads

There are many different places that you can buy inexpensive solo ads. At the same time you want to ensure that you are purchasing quality solo ads. To do this you should look for places to buy solo ads which have some feedback mechanism so that you can learn about the quality of the lists that you will be buying from. Some of the best places to buy it cheap solo ads include:

The importance of split testing

It is critical that maximize the return on your solo ad spend. The best ways to do this is split testing. One of the primary things to test is your squeeze page. For example, you may send 100 clicks to one version of your squeeze page and another 100 clicks to a different version. You can then see which squeeze page converts at the highest rate. By split testing your squeeze page you can ensure you are getting the maximum conversion rate for your clicks.

The speed at which you can build your own email list depend on the amount of time that you invest into it and your budget. However by finding, quality cheap solo ads the process to be significantly accelerated.