Breaking Out of the Box – Making Money Using the Internet

Making money on the Internet takes research, time, and investment, and then you have to implement the knowledge you acquire to start getting results. It’s not likely to get it right the first time around, as the Internet business model is a bit different from the conventional models we’ve become so accustomed to over the past generations. The Internet has not only changed the way we do business, it has also changed the way we think about business and they way we think about the needs of customers, and people who are stuck in the old models struggle to see how things have evolved.

Internet marketers agree that the best way to reach a wide and targeted audience is through placing solo ads in high traffic newsletters or websites. The ads are viewed by the subscribers or visitors to the website. Certainly, this type of exposure might represent millions of views over time. However, obtaining solo ads is the frustrating part of the whole deal for many new Internet marketers. Here is how to buy solo ads.

Solo Ads
Wondering how to buy them? First, take a look at one of your favorite newsletters. Browse around and look at the ads. Look at the top ad in the newsletter. This is the ad that usually has the most influence over a reader. This is probably a solo ad. This ad is targeted to the subscribers on the newsletter list. The ad generally offers the type of goods and services that the subscribers might find appealing and purchase. The owner of the ad purchases space in the newsletter from the publisher or marketer of the publication.

How to Buy
Many new marketers online are concerned about purchasing the ads. Typically, e-zine or newsletter owners offer Internet marketers the opportunity to purchase a solo ad in their publication. However, it is important to use due diligence placing ads in publications. It is vital to make sure that the right publication is targeted. Check the publications statistics and subscription numbers. Deal exclusively with sources that deliver real targeted readers.

Many marketers state that ads deliver guaranteed results to their marketing campaign for the fraction of the cost paid advertising on television or radio. Here is how to buy them. Write an ad that specifically targets your audience. Next, find a targeted newsletter. For example, if you are writing about gourmet cooking, look for gourmet cooking newsletters. Contact the publisher about running your solo ad for an agreed upon fixed price or ad exchange.