Best PPC Networks

One of the best ways to earn an income online today is through Pay per Click (PPC), or rather Cost per Click (CPC). There are so many networks out there today and you have to be extremely careful as to which you choose to use. Some of the networks have false (fraudulent) clicks, are late on payouts and some choose to kick you out of their network (and keep your funds) for no apparent reason.

Some of them pay very low amounts of cash, while a few of them are quite exemplary in terms of their payouts. As a website, blog owner or a regular freelancer, you can earn a lot from the best PPC advertising networks, if you correctly follow their stated protocols and guidelines. You get to earn part of the advertising costs paid out to such networks by large firms. Here are some of the best PPC networks that are definitely worth trying.

Google AdSense

As a blogger or website owner, you can apply for a Google AdSense account, especially if you do have some organic and quality traffic, with great posts. Most of the largest firms in the world regularly pay Google for an advertising task, which they then do through your blog or website. Certain ads will be posted and you?ll get to earn on every click made through those ads. You can even earn higher amounts if you ensure that content posted on your website or blog is unique and traffic-attracting. You will get paid through check, Wire Transfer or PayPal with a minimum payout of $100. As per Google?s terms, your domain ought to be more than 6 months old for it to be considered.


Infolinks is one of the best PPC networks around. You can apply for Infolinks, upon which, they will manually review your website and provide you with your account details through your registered mail ID. They will then post ads on your website, displaying them as links, after giving you a code that you can place on that site. Immediately the Internet user clicks on that ad, they will be redirected to the link page. You can choose to get paid either through Wire Transfer or PayPal, with $50 being the minimum payout.

This is a great alternative to Google AdSense, and stands out among the best PPC networks in the Internet. Actually, it is one of the highest-paying ad networks, being a combined venture of both Bing and Yahoo. is a contextual ads service that provides you with search ads, only in text format. To start earning with Media Ads, your blog or website has to be 6 months old or above, have no display ads and also possess quality US traffic. They will also require you to have good and quality content posted on your website. The most exclusive feature about this network is that you can opt to run both Google AdSense and on one website or blog. For you to withdraw, you?ll have to meet the minimum $250 payout.

The above networks are some of the best ways to monetize your site. You are at freedom to choose the one that suits you best.