An Overview Of Solo Ads

Solo ads are a great source of traffic that can help you get a large following to your website if you have a proven plan. If you do not know what a solo as is, it simply refers to the type of marketing where you advertise your offers on someone else’s email list. It is not just a banner in a newsletter as some people think, but rather the whole email is used to promote your offer.

You can get cheap solo ads if you are operating on a tight budget. You usually pay for a number of clicks, so it will be up to you to do the conversion of those clicks. The person that will sell them to you will not hold the responsibility when it comes to conversion of the traffic on your squeeze page. His or her responsibility is to make sure that he or she delivers the right amount of clicks to you.

The cheap solo ads that you can get can go for a low as $0.60. They are very cheap compared to pay per click advertising that requires you to pay the same amount or even more than that per click. If you happen to have a high converting funnel, you can easily and quickly get back the money that you spent on buying the cheap solo ads. Some people manage to recoup the money they spent on the ads the same day.

Just because you can get the solo ads at a very affordable price does not mean that they are less effective. In fact, these ads are known for having fast deliverability compared to other advertising mechanisms. You can get lots of clicks in a short time after buying cheap solo ads. You just need to make sure that your offer is successfully mailed out. It will not take you long waiting hours for your website to be approved. Also, the traffic will not be delivered little by little as it is usually the case with other advertising mechanisms.

You can get cheap solo ads if you buy them often from a certain seller. The seller can offer you discounted prices, and sometimes he or she can deliver more traffic. This will help you garner a larger following on your site in the shortest time possible. You can also connect with the seller on a personal level and maybe make a smarter deal with them in future on the ads.