An Expert Guide On How To Find The Best Solo Ad Directory

A solo ad directory is a directory where you can purchase the opportunity to mail to another marketer’s email list who will promote your offer in exchange for payment. However, many people don’t know how to choose the best solo ad directory.

Purchasing ads is almost always the fastest and most effective ways to get targeted traffic to your web site. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest people who will scam you and take your money and send your ads to irrelevant email lists just to take your money. So, be careful in this game. The following are the best 4 tips to assist you in finding the best ad directories.

1. Buy small amounts of clicks for testing up front

If you are dealing with a particular ad provider for the first time, you need to ensure that you buy a small amounts of clicks, such as 50 or 100 clicks, as a way of testing what the provider is offering before you decide to send out a large volume. After testing to determine whether the solo ads deliver good results, you they can always opt for bigger packages. This testing approach will help you get the best results you can and help prevent you from getting scammed of dishonest people.

2. Ask many questions before making your final choice

Before purchasing an ad, you need to contact the list provider to ask them questions, like, how they built their list. What type of offer is most suitable for a particular list? What is their percentage of tier one clicks you should expect if you buy from them? Do they have sales page? What testimonials do they have from previous buyers? From these answers you should be in a position to make an informed choice.

3. Look out for “Red Flags”

If something looks too good to be true, do your research. Look at the reviews as a way of ensuring that you get the best when trying to increase traffic while avoiding wasting money. In the end, you will be informed enough to decide on the best solo ad directory for your purpose.

4. Use a trusted solo ads marketplace

A good solo ads marketplace can help you make the best choice by separating out the bad solo ad directories and save you a huge amount of time and money.

In the end, these tips will assist you in selecting the best solo ad directory for your email promotion.