8 Items To Investigate Before You Buy Solo Ads Online

Many people make money online by use of solo ads. Websites buy solo ads from the solo ads sellers. The sellers guarantee the websites owners a minimum number of users. The website then will buy solo ads from these people who will sell solo ads to multiple of clicks.

Before you buy solo ads, check the reputation of the vendor(s). Some vendors may sell unreliable clicks to you. Click Meter will provide you with tools to manage and track solo ads campaigns.

When you plan to buy solo ads, look at the number of clicks being sold. Like you can buy 100 clicks at $50, and another person buys the same 100 clicks for $30. You need to do good research before you buy the solo ads.

Things to look for before you buy solo ads.

· Offer selection
· Auto Responder setup
· Squeeze page setup
· Tracking your solo ads buys
· Testing before you buy
· Buying clicks
· Auto Responder follow ups
· Analysis

Offer selection

You can look at the product yourself and check if it truly offers value for money. Take your time and look at the sales page yourself. Look for a company with well-established testimonials. Ask around about the reputation of the company before buying the solo ads.

Auto Responder setup
You will need to create a new list in your auto responder and get the HTML code to put on your squeeze page.

Squeeze page setup
When doing the squeeze page setup make it simple. Do not write full page background graphics and flashings. Make it simple for the surfer to put in their email address.

Tracking your solo ads buying
When you start buying solo ads, you need to set up tracking software so that you will know good or poor quality traffic. The tracking software is important especially when you start buying more than one solo ad at once.

Testing before you buy
Test the ads before you buy them. You can ask a friend to check it for you. They can check how it appears on their computer.

Buying clicks
Before you buy clicks, you need to take your time and do research on the sellers and make sure that you buy something good.

Auto Responder follow ups
Once someone opts into your list, you can follow them up maybe for a week or a month. This will enable you to know how reliable they are.

Always analyze. Go online and check as many squeeze pages as possible.

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