5 Of the Best Ad Networks

We often talk about which ad networks to choose in order to make the most money. This is good, but which are the ad networks that you should partner with? Which are the best ad networks that will give you the best experience? The following are some of the best ad networks that are worth considering.

Google Ad Exchange

This is one of the largest Google-owned advertising networks. It is actually one of the best ad networks because it has access to the largest pool of advertisers in the world, and they also pay very high CPMs. It’s the latest version of AdSense. It is a good ad network because it is a real time market place which perfectly works with the Publishers DoubleClick by Google. The platform interconnects publishers, advertisers and networks hence improving flexibility hence enabling publishers to set their rates. With Google Ad Exchange, the publisher revenue share is 80%.

Google AdSense

This is the most accessible and widely used ad network by publishers of all ages and sizes. This makes it one of the best ad networks that currently exist. Setting up AdSense is fairly easy and quick as long as you comply with the guidelines that Google provides. Here the contents of your site will determine how ads will be targeted. The ads are then displayed as image-rich ads, as text ads or both depending on your choice. It offers a publisher revenue share of 68% and publisher revenue search of 51%.

Tribal Fusion

This is one of the biggest players in this advertising industry. This network guarantees good fill rates and CPMs are also high. The network only accepts sites that have more than 500,000 new visitors every month. This however, does not favor smaller publishers. This interface allows a publisher to filter ad and advertisers categories based on his or her preference. In terms of CPM, TribalFusion offers the highest rates. The publisher revenue share is 55%.


With OpenX, CPMs are high and can be filled at 100% from all countries. This is actually one of the best performing ad networks. It is important that as a publisher, you should be able to closely monitor your traffic so that in case any discrepancy arises in the reports, you raise it. Here, PixFuture tags are used as first impressions for people visiting the site so that the visitors are not trapped in iFrames.


This network has partnered with Yahoo and all geographics can be monetized at 100%. They serve text ads only, and it is therefore important that the publisher chooses the colors that perfectly blend with his site. The site offers both standard and non-standard ads. The user interface is user friendly and allows publishers to customize their ads.