4 Helpful Tips on How to Make Money with Banner Ads


It is true that one can make money with banner ads. Banner ads on websites can be an efficient way to generate that extra cash. Actually, most of the websites offer “pay per click” banners, which direct people from your website to other sites. When the banners are clicked, they are registered by the server hosting to the other websites. As such, money is transferred based on the number of people who visited and clicked those particular ads. If your website is meant for selling certain products, then a banner ad can help you get a lot of traffic to your business website. Below are guidelines on how to make money with banner ads.

Steps on How to Make Money with Banner Ads

1. Start by hunting for a banner sponsor that exchanges or pays banners. You should decide on what kind of arrangement you want to have with your chosen sponsor. For instance, you may decide to be paid per every click or just to exchange banners. Discuss with the banner sponsor how long the agreement is going to last in order to avoid possible misunderstandings down the line.

2. After agreeing up to certain point, now get a copy of the partnering company’s banner. Remember the banner can be in two formats; HTML or an image file containing embedded links. Check the banner size to make sure it is not too large to fit in your website. If you are using a third party web master, consider forwarding all the files to them.

3. Now, you can go ahead and open the web design program. These can be WordPress, Dreamweaver, or any other kind of design program. Go and select “HTML View”, which is found in the tool bar. If you already have the html code, copy it and replace it in the area where you need it to appear. You also need to check the placement in standard view using the tool bar and then adjust as required. Make all the necessary code adjustments, so that the banner can appear high on the web page.

4. If you had received an image file, consider placing it in the body of the website in standard view. To do this, you need to select the “Insert” button, which is under the “Edit” menu and then select the file. You have to publish all changes to the site and visit the website to make sure the banner is working as it should. With all that done, you are no doubt going to make money with banner ads.


The detailed steps discussed above can enable you make money with banner ads. Always test the banner on the website to make sure it performs pretty well. Also, discuss how you will be receiving payment before placing the banner. And lastly, never accept banners for illegal services. Consider doing your homework well to find out whether or not the banner partner is legitimate.

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