3 Ways Of How To Make Money On WordPress

WordPress is the internet’s most popular content management system. According to Forbes it now powers one in every six websites on the internet. For many people WordPress has also become something of a modern gold mine. To help you cash are three ways how to make money on WordPress.

#1 How To Make Money On WordPress Writing Tutorials

Writing tutorials is one of the fastest ways of transforming your knowledge into cold hard cash. WordPress websites like Smashing Magazine and WPtuts will pay for well written wordpress tutorials. In order to make money using this method you will need both a good knowledge of WordPress as well as the ability to write in entertaining and clear fashion.

#2 Becoming A WordPress Consultant

Because WordPress is now the world’s most popular platform it has created a huge market for wordpress webmasters who need help. WordPress consultants can do everything from offering strategic advice, to optimizing websites to fixing bugs. One of the fastest ways to start selling your services is by working through one of the online freelancing marketplaces such as oDesk, eLance or Guru.

#3 Selling WordPress Themes

There is a huge market for WordPress themes. WordPress theme marketplaces like ThemeForest have made it easy to reach these customers. One of the most successful approaches is to create a theme which appeals to a very specific niche audience that is currently not being served. For example, you may decide to create themes which are specifically for the small business market or for internet marketers.

Now you know how to make money on WordPress three different ways. How ever this is just the beginning. There are numerous other avenues for how to make money on WordPress that are equally well worth exploring. What’s clear is that with so many websites being developed on WordPress, there will be no shortage of opportunity people with WordPress skills in near future.