3 Fundamental tips on how to make money with banner ads

Banner advertisements are one of the oldest online marketing techniques which still pack a pretty good punch. It comes as a great tool for website owners and bloggers to earn some cash as well as businesses to get quality traffic into their sites.

What Are Banner Ads?

These are basically those rectangular advertisements that you can see bordering a website’s main content. These ads link to an external website which usually wants you subscribe or register to a service or buy a particular product. No matter what the banner ads are for it has proved itself to be a fundamental marketing tool for businesses to get a steady flow of traffic.

From a blogger’s point of view, banner ads are a great money making tools. By simply placing them on their blogs they create a window to make money with banner ads whenever someone clicks on them.

How To Make Money With Banner Ads?

If you are asking this question then chances are you are a blogger or a website owner who wants to earn some money by placing banner ads. Following are 3 fundamental tips that will help make money with banner ads.

Keep The Audience In Mind: This is the first thing you need to keep in mind when looking to make money with banner ads. If your website or blog is oriented towards a certain demographics then it’s only wise to place banner ads that they would find interesting. For example, if your blog gives fashion advice to teenagers then placing a banner ad for adult diapers will prove to be ineffective to say the least.

Concentrate On Increasing Your Website’s Traffic: Banner ads are not magic wands capable of making you hundreds and thousands of dollars overnight. It will only work if you have a significant amount of traffic flowing in your website or blog. This is why before placing a single banner ad concentrate on developing your site by putting up valuable content and implementing strategies such as SEO and social media marketing. It’s really simple. The more traffic you get in your website or blog the more chances of clicks you get on the banner ads directly impacting how much money you make.

Don’t Undermine Your Website’s Content: No one visits your website or blog to look at banner ads. The visitors are drawn towards your blog or website because they expect a certain type of information, content, or media. Your primary goal is to satiate the need of your target audience and not to bombard them with banner ads. This is why make sure not to clutter your site with advertisements so much so that it compromises the reading pleasure. The best way to make money with banner ads is by placing them slightly apart from the main content. You should also aim at putting up few relevant ads rather than cluttering the space with random banners.

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