2 Fast Ways Of How To Make Money On WordPress

There are numerous ways to make money on WordPress. But in this guide we will explore two of the fastest. These are reliable approaches of how to make money money on WordPress which have been used successfully by many online marketers.

#1 How To Make Money On WordPress With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is ideal for WordPress. It is a low risk, easy to understand way to make money with huge potential upside. Essentially affiliate marketing involves recommending other peoples products and services in exchange for a commission. There are different types of affiliate marketing models including Pay per Sale, Pay per Lead and Pay per Call. By creating WordPress blogs around a particular topic you can attract potentially interest customers. Then by suggesting products that they might be interested in you can earn commissions. Affiliate networks connect affiliates with advertisers. Some of the most popular affiliate networks include:

* Amazon Associates

* Clickbank

* Commission Junction

* Peerfly

* Share-a-Sale

* Market Health

Once you have signed up to these networks there will be a wide range of products that you can recommend to earn substantial commissions.

#2 How To Make Money On WordPress By Selling Websites

If you can build WordPress websites then it shouldn’t be difficult to find potential customers for those sites. There are a number of website marketplaces, such as Flippa and Digital Point, were you can sell WordPress sites. You can sell either new or older websites. New websites, also known as starter sites, allow the website owner to skip past adding themes, plugins and content. However if you know how to attract traffic and sales you may be able to sell your WordPress website for far more money.

Once you understand how to monetize web visitors then you will have plenty of opportunities for how to make money on WordPress. Affiliate marketing and selling websites are not only too of the fastest, they can also be highly lucrative as well.